Visual Documentation

Community engagement art workshops for children and families.

I led a community engagement art workshop at the community event Killarney Picnic. I invited the audience to participate in the creation of a new design for a City of Calgary signal box. I asked to create a dinosaur combined with their favorite sport. Right after the workshop, I displayed the outcomes. Later on, I painted on the utility box four different dinosaurs playing football, archery, table tennis, and skating.

Killarney Dino Sports is located in 33 Street SW and 26 Avenue SW, Calgary

I led a community involvement activity for the new design of a public art utility box at Rosscarrock Community Association, Calgary. I invited the audience to participate in the creation of a new theme for the dinosaurs' design. I asked to create a personalized, dinosaur portrait. The participants at the workshop did a fantastic work!

Rosscarrock Dino Portraits is located in 37 Street SW and 13 Avenue SW, Calgary

As volunteer, I hosted a paper sculptures' workshop at Afrikadey, World Music Festival 2014, Calgary

Several art workshops for promoting Get to Know art contest, Calgary Parks

People enjoyed observing and drawing the natural habitat of birds, local animals and plants. Everybody had fun painting under the shadow of trees.

I took all these photos while I was doing the workshops and are © Emma Bresola